Windows on the world



In the beginning, in a state of non-being, there was nothing but the essence of God. With the Big Bang of science God moved into a state of being, manifesting as the expanding universe. In adapting to the world of Matter the pure spirit of God became diluted and constrained, giving rise to the birth of the Pilgrim-Soul.

The journey of the Pilgrim-Soul has taken us from pure spirit through the experiences of physical life. In this very material age we have lost sight of our origins and we perceive ourselves as discrete beings, separated from each other, from other life-forms, and from God. The way in which we violate and abuse can only be explained by this ignorance, and must change with the recognition of the truth.

Now it is time to re-claim our spiritual nature, to remember the interdependency of all life-forms on Earth. Living in the moment, we need to be aware that in the moment is the essence of the moment to come. Then, when the next moment arrives, it will be imbued with our understanding, wisdom and compassion, and the world will move towards the harmony that is our ultimate destiny.

Harvey Tordoff
April 1999