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This is a personal site, and inevitably the links will reflect personal tastes. There is a common theme: these links are to sites that I believe help with an understanding of human or world unity.

In case you missed the references elsewhere in bigger-picture I spent seven years of my life researching, writing and finally publishing the book 'O Lanoo! ~ The Secret Doctrine Unveiled'. This tells the story of connectedness. Why not read some of the reviews?

Once we acknowledge connections with other human beings it becomes ludicrous to abuse the basic rights of each connected individual. The people doing as much as anyone to stop the abuse of human rights are Amnesty International.

Take a look at my home page at
Authors' Den 
 and the wind farm co-operatives which took up a large part of my life for seven years 


And how can you not want to visit an organisation who's first aim is:
To provide an international platform for the free expression of ideas and experiences in order to foster a global connection among all people.
If you read my article on Tibet (History Lessons) and would like to know more about the current situation visit 
The Tibet Society

If cancer has touched your life, as it has mine, you will find a wealth of advice and help at Paradise Now



"Search not for the 'missing link' 
but go out and make your own"

Harvey Tordoff
November 2003