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O Lanoo! ~ A Story of Evolution

(O Lanoo! - The Secret Doctrine Unveiled, published by Findhorn Press, March 1999)

Darwin explains evolution through natural selection. In some rather haphazard way random mutations result in changes to future generations, and the survivors are those mutations which are better suited to the changing environment. Although there are missing links in several crucial places his theory still holds good today. Without rejecting natural selection in any way, O Lanoo! presents evolution from a totally different perspective.

Downward spiral of Spirit

illustration from O Lanoo!Before there is Planet Earth there is the energy of the Creation. Before there is Matter there is Spirit. Spirit begins to evolve long before the first amoeba appears on Earth. The evolution of Spirit is a downward spiral towards Matter, to be followed by an upward spiral away from Matter. The energy of creation has to pass through several transformers for the rate of vibration to be lowered sufficiently for energy to exist in a rock or a tree or an animal. Before Spirit could occupy the human body it had to occupy life forms much more nebulous.

A spiritual guiding hand

As Darwin’s creatures became more sophisticated and complex, Spirit moved ever closer in resonance to these beings and, like wind and rain acting on a landscape, was able to mould the evolving forms to provide suitable host bodies. Natural selection took place under a guiding hand. As any fossil hunter knows, evolutionary changes were much more rapid than would be accounted for by random mutation. Physical evolution is orchestrated by spiritual evolution. What we see as separate pilgrim-souls, on a journey of discovery through a world of sensation, are manifestations of the One Spirit.

Lemuria & Atlantis

O Lanoo!, written in the form of an epic poem, is based on The Secret Doctrine, by Madame Blavatsky. It tells the story of the evolution of Spirit, from its indescribable beginnings before the Big Bang of Science, through the shadowy beings that pre-dated physical Mankind, through the Ages of Lemuria and Atlantis, to our current Age. And the story is not yet over. Having gained in wisdom and self-knowledge Spirit will travel on, leaving Matter behind, towards the unity which is our destiny.

We are all on the same journey, and we are all connected; not just with each other, but with all of life, with the Universe, with God. If God is indeed omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, then we are all part of God.

© Harvey Tordoff
January 1999